History of the Florida Region of NCCC

The following information was obtained from the NCCC Governors minutes, the official magazine of NCCC Bluebars, and interviews with old timers.  Some of the clubs are gone, some have changed their name and new clubs have joined.  If you have information about the region and your club please let me know and I will add.

The Florida Region of NCCC was established when Cape Kennedy Corvette Club (CKCC) Cape Kennedy, FL; North Florida Corvette Association (NFCA) Jacksonville, FL; and South Florida Corvette Association (SFCA) Ft. Lauderdale, FL: joined NCCC in 1967.  The Florida Region would not have grown without the hard work of Rich Kraemer (CKCC), Cliff Payne (NFCA), Bill Shear (CKCC), and Dave Goebel (SFCA).  Rich Kraemer was the first Regional Executive of the Florida Region.

1968 the Region gained two more clubs: Titusville Corvette Club (TCC) Titusville, FL; and Miracle Strip Corvette Club (MSCC) Pensacola, FL. 1969 saw more growth for the region with the addition of Orlando Corvette Club (OCC) Orlando, FL; and Tri City Corvette Club (TriCity) Seminole, FL.  (Bluebars         )

1969 was a big year for the Florida Region.  The CKCC and NFCA submitted a bid to hold the National Corvette Convention in Daytona Beach. Up until this time the National Convention had always been held in the Ohio, Mich, and Illinois area.  There were concerns that a convention this far away from the NCCC base would not draw attendance. After the bid was presented it was approved 100%. Cliff Payne (NFCA) was appointed Convention Chairman.  The 1969 NCCC Convention was held in Daytona Beach July 8 to July 12, 1969, at the Daytona Plaza. Speed events were held at the Daytona Speedway.  One of the attractions sponsored by the convention was a road trip to Marine Land in Flagler County.  During the visit to Marine Land a Dolphin was born. The management of Marine Land named the Dolphin “Vette”. Later the NCCC board of Directors voted the Dolphin to be the Official mascot of the NCCC. The Daytona convention was a tremendous success; more people came to this convention than any prior conventions. (Bluebars 1969)

1970 saw more growth for the Florida Region with the addition of 2 new clubs, Gulf Coast Corvette Club (GCCC) Bradenton, FL; and Vette Set Corvette Club (VSCC) Miami, FL.  The Florida Region now had 9 clubs and 235 members. With the growth of NCCC, a new system for keeping track of competition was introduced.  In 1970 NCCC began assigning club and membership numbers. F-032 CKCC; F-055 MSCC; F-058 NFCA; F-060 OCC; F-065 SFCA; F-069 TCC; F-070 TriCit; F-076 GCCC; F-085 VSCC.  (Bluebars Mar-Apr 1971)

1971 started off bad for the Florida Region, clubs dropped to 7 and membership fell to 110.  Clubs that dropped out were VSCC, TriCti, and MSCC.  However, one new club was added Daytona Beach Corvette Club F-107 (DBCC) Daytona Beach, FL. With the growth nation wide in NCCC membership the NCCC Board of Governors voted to create a new position Region Membership Director (RMD). Cliff Payne (NFCA) was the first RMD of the Florida Region.  (Bluebars Mar-Apr 1971)

In 1972 we lost one club, F-055 MSCC and added one new club, D.O.M.A. Vettes of Hollywood F-159 (DOMA) Hollywood, FL.  Total clubs: 7   Membership: 264   (Bluebars 1972)

1973 was another growth year for the Florida Region. Four new clubs were added, Miami Corvette Association F-176 (MCC) Miami, FL; Central Florida Corvette Association F-186 (CFVA) Orlando, FL: Gold Coast Vettes F-187 (GCV) Lake Park, FL; Surfside Vettes F-235 (SSV) Fort Pierce, FL; Space Coast Vettes F-174 (SCV) Melbourne, FL.   Total clubs: 13   Membership: 427  (Bluebars 1973)Cliff Payne)

NCCC National Conventions held in the Florida Region

1969 - Daytona Beach, FL
1976 - Orlando, FL
1980 - Orlando, FL
1986 - Orlando, FL
1996 - Orlando, FL
2006 - Orlando, FL
2010 - Palm Beach, FL